Dan Troxell – ‘I’m a great believer in a lot of things in life’

Dan Troyell, renowned Chinese pianist and composer, has revealed how he became a believer in God.Speaking at a special programme on the BBC, he said: “I’m an atheist, I believe in God, but it’s a bit of a complicated thing to explain.”When I started to become more and more religious, it wasn’t just about religion, […]

How to Live Longer with a Low-Carb Diet

By Lillian Fischbeck-Levin in New York City Published December 05, 2018 10:18:25A diet that helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes has been shown to reduce the incidence of cancer and other major health problems in humans, including a decline in risk of death from all causes.But it’s not just people who can […]

Man finds his wife in a box

A man in China found his wife inside a box.She was dead, according to reports.The man had been looking for her for more than a week.He was found in the basement of a house in Nanjing, where he was reportedly sleeping.The body of Marian Lapinsky, 52, was found Friday in a small room, according on […]

The Pianist of the Future: How John Zimmermann and the Gospel of Jesus Christ Created Modern Pianists

Pianista John Zimmersmann is a great pianist.He is a master of the human voice, with an exceptional range and a sense of rhythm that is both graceful and powerful.He has performed at the top of the world, including the Olympics, World Cup, and the World Championships.But his most notable accomplishment has been his role in […]

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