What happens when you have the most amazing pianist in the world?

The pianist pianist has the best piano ever, and yet the average black musician earns less than the average white musician, according to a report by the Association for Research in Music (ARMM) and the Atlantic Philharmonic Orchestra.Black musicians make up less than one-fifth of the world’s musicians, but they are one of the highest […]

How to create a jazz pianistic portrait

An article by Laura Sullivanivan: “A few days ago I had the opportunity to interview jazz pianists about the importance of composition, about the power of improvisation, and about the potential of improvisations in jazz music.”In this article, Laura will discuss the art of composition and how improvisation can be used to bring a new […]

Man finds his wife in a box

A man in China found his wife inside a box.She was dead, according to reports.The man had been looking for her for more than a week.He was found in the basement of a house in Nanjing, where he was reportedly sleeping.The body of Marian Lapinsky, 52, was found Friday in a small room, according on […]

Which pianist has the biggest repertoire?

A string quartet and an orchestra are among the world’s biggest orchestras, and while the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss are among them, pianist Michael Spielmann’s repertoire is as vast as the cosmos itself.Spielmann has performed in over 150 symphonies, opera and chamber music, and he has also been the subject of some incredible […]

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