When I first heard Benny Hope’s music I thought it was a joke

In November 2017, the Canadian pianist Benny Hope became a household name in America when he performed at Carnegie Hall in the US and in Germany.

He has since become a worldwide star, with albums selling well over a million copies and sold out shows worldwide.

The Canadian-born pianist’s career is far from over.

Benny Hope has toured the world, including concerts in London, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and New York, and is currently preparing to perform in the UK, where he is set to perform at Wembley Stadium on August 1.

“We were just really happy to see the reaction to the concert in the United States, and it really resonated with so many people,” said Hope.

“There are some songs that are very emotional and heartfelt, like ‘Fairytale of New York’, and that’s just something that I love so much about music, so I thought, why not do it?”

I was so lucky to be able to perform, and I was so fortunate to play in such a great way.

It was so much fun and the audience really got to experience that and I hope they do the same with this performance.

“Benny Hope and his orchestraAfter a year of work, the American-born composer is set for the start of a three-week world tour of the United Kingdom.

It’s the first time Hope will perform in Europe since 2010, when he made a US-based UK-headlining performance at Carnegie.

Hope said he was inspired to travel overseas because of the “unique circumstances” in which he was able to play.”

I feel like I can go back and experience the world and the world has given me the opportunity to do that,” Hope said.”

It was an honour to play at the Carnegie Hall and to play on the big stage in the U.S. And to play with my own band.

“If I was to come back and play with another band, I don’t think I would want to do it again.”

Bethany Hope is the founder of Hope and Benny Hope: Music for the People, which brings together Hope and pianist Paul Ladd in collaboration with the International Music Foundation.

She said Hope is an inspiration to young musicians, but also a reminder of the dangers that can befall those who take up the instrument.

“He’s just so full of life, full of creativity and he’s such a joy to listen to, and his music is just wonderful, and so many things that you can do with music that you could never do with any other instrument,” Bethany Hope said of Hope.

“So he’s so different to me, he’s an inspiration for me, and that makes me really proud, and when I see the performance that we’re doing, I think, ‘Oh my God, what could I do with him?'”

I’m really excited for the music that he’s going to play, and for the people that are going to see him, but I’m also really excited about the people who are going see us perform.

“Bachmann says Hope has become a starIn January 2018, the pianist and the Canadian-American composer Benny Hope met in New York.”

Hope began collaborating with the pianists Ladd and Lillian Bier, and began collaborating on a new music video, which will be released in August.””

And I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to go and do this,’ and he said, I’ll take you up on that, but first I need you to meet Benny Hope, because I’m so excited about him, and we were able to just talk for hours.”

Hope began collaborating with the pianists Ladd and Lillian Bier, and began collaborating on a new music video, which will be released in August.

“The video is called ‘Frozen Heart’, and I thought that was just something I’d have to work on, because it’s really something special,” Hope explained.

“We’re all working on the music video together.

It is a very intimate video, because the music is not really being recorded at home, it’s not being recorded with a mic.

It has a lot of moments that are being filmed.

I just wanted to make sure that we had a good sense of what it’s going for and where it’s at.”

And I think we all kind of knew that Benny Hope was just going to be a really great player.

“Hope says he has learned a lot”I don’t know if you’re going to say, ‘Well, Benny has always been a bit of a musician and has always made a lot,’ but he has become more of a performer, and he has a better sense of his instrument and he is much more comfortable playing it.

“But the video is a tribute to his life, and a very personal tribute.

I want to say thank you to the audience for being such a

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