Why the Eagles need to fix their defense

There’s no denying that the Eagles are playing better than they were last season, but they still have a lot of work to do.

The Eagles, as of Monday morning, are a league-worst 26th in scoring defense, giving up 17.3 points per game.

The worst mark of the team’s first 13 games was 24th.

The defense has to do more, and that’s why it’s getting the attention it deserves, coach Doug Pederson said Monday, via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Eagles need a few more plays, a few extra moves and a few plays in the backfield.

The team is missing some key contributors at linebacker, as well as inside linebacker.

The defense also has to improve at receiver, where a lot has been lost.

That doesn’t mean the Eagles can’t make the playoffs, of course.

But it will be hard.

They’ve been through more than enough.

The good news is that they have a couple of good young players who can take a step forward.

They’re not quite there yet, but the talent level is there.

The bad news is there’s still plenty of work left to do and the Eagles don’t have a whole lot of time left.

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