How a piano can teach us about life and death.

An Ottawa pianist is sharing a story about his mother’s passing and the importance of life, music and love.

Benny Hope’s mother, Nancy Hope, died in May, and the family has been looking for ways to celebrate.

Hope was born in Ontario and raised in Toronto, and his father, a musician, took his talents to the Canadian West Coast to make music.

Hope is known as a gifted performer, a master of sound and a musician of a musical and visual quality.

In 2015, he was selected to perform in the Ottawa Music Awards, and in 2017, he performed in the Canadian Opera House.

Hope’s piano teacher is also a pianist, and he has written several poems about his family’s experiences with heart disease.

His mother died of an acute coronary syndrome, and Hope has since suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome.

The pianist says he wants to share his family and his life story to make us better people.

The story Benny Hope tells in his piano lesson.

He says, it’s been a lot of work, and it’s taken years of work to get to where we are today.

Hope began playing in grade three, and was a standout in his class.

He’s a regular student in his music classes and has been performing since grade six.

The lessons are free, but Hope says he’s looking to make money by teaching at the Ottawa Jazz Festival.

Hope hopes to get more piano lessons from the Ottawa Conservatory of Music, and to teach other people how to play.

He has also created a YouTube channel to promote his work.

“I’m going to keep teaching, keep making music, and keep teaching people that it’s not all bad,” Hope says.

Hope has been playing for about 10 years, and has written and performed a number of his compositions.

He also plays on the Toronto Opera House’s touring orchestra, and is currently on the staff of the Opera House Conservatory.

Hope also performs in local bands, including the Ottawa Hip Hop Quartet and the Ottawa Folk and Jazz Quartet.

He said his most popular show is when he plays the “Jazz Ballad of Hope” at the Opera house, which he calls “a show where everybody gets to do something different and do something new.”

Hope said he is looking to do more performing in the future, but wants to make sure he gets the right person to do it with.

He is hoping to do a musical tribute to his mother, as well.

“When I was a little boy, she always told me that she was going to die.

And that I was going die with her,” Hope said.

“So that’s my way of saying thank you to her.

It’s going to be something fun and unique and beautiful.”

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