What you need to know about the world’s best pianists

De larroch pianist Hazel Harrison is the world´s best pianist and the only woman in history to have won three major world concerts in the same year.

She has performed the Piano Concerto in D minor for the Indian National Congress (INC), and also the Bach concerto for the International Federation of Musicians (IFM) in London, as well as performing the piano concerto with her husband in Moscow in October 2011.

De larroche, from Bangalore, India, has played in the Indian and UK orchestras, and is one of the few female composers who has toured extensively.

She is also the only Indian female pianist to perform in the world with her own soloist, Arjun Kumar.

Her music is widely appreciated by a large audience, and she has been recognised by the British Academy of Music as one of its greatest composers.

Harrison is a great pianist with an extraordinary range of instruments and a gift for creating complex, lyrical music.

She has worked with Indian classical composers such as Shruti Kumari and Shri Rajan, and with British composers, such as Brian Eno and Alan Bennett.

She was the recipient of the National Composers Medal for her work in Indian classical music, the most prestigious award given to Indian composers in the UK.

Hazel Harrison was born in India in 1947, the youngest of seven children.

Her father, Arun, was a pianist in a Mumbai piano orchestra, and her mother, Vyasa, was an English teacher in Delhi.

She went to school with a young Krishna Bachchan and later with the British composer Sir Ian McKellen, whom she had known for two years.

Harrell was raised in a large, rural area in central India, and went to the local private school where she learned classical music from her mother.

She began her career at the age of 15, when she was asked to compose for the Royal Academy of Engineering.

She was asked by an English conservatory to compose the Indian Symphony No.2, and won the competition.

Hare Krishna Bach, one of her mentors, suggested she compose a piece for the London Philharmonic, which she did in 1957.

Her work in the British compositional tradition, including the concerto Sonata No.1, was also recognised as outstanding in the United Kingdom.

Hearings for the work are still recorded and, in 1961, the composition of the Mahabharata was premiered.

The work was a big hit, and was hailed by the composers as one among the finest pieces of music ever composed, which had never been performed live in the USA before.

In 1964, Harrison was invited to play the first ever live concert of her composition in London.

Hollywood star DeLora Harrison, a native of India, became the first woman to perform live with the Maha Bhartiya Mahadev Chopra.

She is the only female to have performed in the Royal Philharmonium.

DeLora is also a world-renowned pianist who is renowned for her talent with the harpsichord, and has also been instrumental in many other works, including The Piano Concrise and the opera Piano Concante.

DeLa is a member of the International Conservatory of Music and the Indian Academy of Fine Arts.

She plays the Indian classical composer’s symphony The Sonata in D Minor, with her brother, Arvind, on the piano, as a soloist.

DeLoras soloist also works with the English classical composer Sir Ian.

Her daughter, Arinika, is also an acclaimed classical pianist.

She performs with the London Symphony Orchestra, and the London Chamber Orchestra.

DeLa Harrison is a solo pianist at the Royal Conservatory and the Institute of Indian Music, London.

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