How jazz pianist Juan Luis Hermann was fired by a top church music school

JUAN LUCAS HERMANN COHEN pianist has been fired from his post at a top jazz piano school after a video of him making a racist remark surfaced on social media.

Hermann, a former top school administrator in Los Angeles, was suspended from his job at the prestigious Loyola University of Chicago in the US, which is based in Chicago, in the wake of the video.

The video, which was shared on Twitter by a student who identifies herself as “Crazy B” has since been viewed nearly a million times, with many expressing shock and disgust at Hermann’s behavior.

“You just can’t do that,” one viewer wrote.

“Just like he does to everyone else,” another said.

“How does he do it?,” one tweeter wrote.

The school said it would not comment on the matter and did not respond to requests for comment from News24.

Herman’s employer, the Conservatoire de Musique de Lille, told News24 on Friday it had been made aware of the incident but had not yet taken any action.

In a statement, the conservatoire said it had taken “immediate and effective disciplinary measures” against Hermann, who was terminated from his position.

The conservatoir said it is working to clarify the video and that it would make “no further comment at this time”.

Loyola has been accused of racism and discrimination after it was reported last year that a white male student at its Loyolo campus had been fired over a racist Facebook post.

The Loyolos statement did not specify whether Hermann had been sacked but the school has denied that the post was racist.

The student who shared the video has since posted a second video on YouTube, this time showing Hermann making a similar comment.

In the video, Hermann said: “You can’t play jazz because you are a racist.

You are a white man playing jazz.”

This is not a joke.

This is not the way you’re supposed to play jazz.

“A video of the comment has been viewed more than 10 million times.

In it, Hermans voice can be heard, accompanied by a graphic showing the words “white man playing” in red.

In response, one viewer said: “‘White man playing’ is a racial slur and a slur on people of colour and women.

I mean, that’s just racist.

And white people don’t play the jazz they played in the 50s, they’re white people playing it.

This isn’t what jazz is supposed to be about.

This guy should have never been hired.

He’s a disgrace to his profession and his institution.

“The video was shared by a Twitter user who identified himself as “Bobby” and said he was a music teacher at the school.

In his post, Bobby said: ‘Juan Luis Hermans racist rant at Loyolan was just another racist act.

He was fired from Loyolin.

I am a jazz teacher and a jazz pianistic instructor and a white person teaching jazz.

I can’t sit by and watch him hurt my students, who are white.

We are all better off than this.

This must stop.’

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