When French pianist Jean-Jacques Roussel found a new voice, he was like a star in his own right: He became the first musician in history to win an international Grammy.

French pianists Jean-Claude Roussells and Philippe Cousteau have won an international musical award for their work in the 19th century.

They have been awarded the French National Prize for Music and the World’s Best Classical Piano for their contribution to classical music.

French pianist and composer Jean-Pierre Jarre won the 2016 World Classical Award, also in 2017.

Jarre is credited with introducing French music to the West.

Jarré also was instrumental in founding the National Institute of Classical Music, which has been credited with helping to revitalize classical music worldwide.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I don’t believe in the importance of music, but that I am not going for it,” Jarrou told NPR’s Diane Rehm.

“It’s not my passion, it’s not what I’m passionate about, but it’s a part of my life.”

Jarrou said he was inspired by a group of composers, who would often ask him, “What is it that we should be doing?”

He said they would tell him, if they could, to write songs for the children.

Jarems work has been called “the most significant contribution to music” in history, and it has inspired generations of musicians worldwide.

He said he first came to the United States when he was 17, but he didn’t consider himself a musician until he was 19.

He was inspired to become a composer by his father, a composer.

“He was a very kind man,” Jarem said.

“He had his own way of thinking about the world.

He would talk about his life, about his family, about music.

And I think that was the key to his creativity.”

Jarre has recorded six albums of classical music and has written music for television and movies.

He has a long list of projects in development, including an opera that he hopes to premiere in 2019.

He also is a member of the International Symphony Orchestra, which will celebrate the centenary of its founding in 2018.

Jarre’s music has influenced music worldwide, from Mozart to Bach, and he is credited as a composer of the piano, organ, cello, and violin in some of the greatest works of music of the 20th century, including Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and the Tchaikovsky Symphony.

He received the International Academy of Composers’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 for his work on Beethovitch’s music.

He is a regular on NPR’s Weekend Edition, where he discusses music and culture with guests from around the world, including NPR World News Tonight with Tamara Keith, NPR’s Washington Bureau Chief, and NPR News’ chief Washington correspondent, Diane Rehmeyer.

“I am very much a composer and I am a musician, so it was not like I was just starting, but I had a real passion for music,” Jarre said.

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