What to expect when you visit the Trump administration: An interview with a pianist with a passion

NEW YORK — In a recent interview, William Murdoch, a blind jazz pianists who was recently honored by the New York Times for his work, said he hopes the Trump Administration is serious about advancing equality in the arts.

“The president is a great person.

He has a great heart,” Murdoch said.

“And I think that he knows that it’s very important that we have equal access to the arts in this country.”

I hope he’s serious about making sure that people have the right to have the opportunity to be a part of the arts, because that’s what this country is all about,” he added.

Murdoch is an accomplished musician, a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the National Ballet of the United States.

He is known for his innovative work in jazz and chamber music, and he is also an accomplished artist himself, with several solo albums.

The interview, conducted by the Times, also includes a brief history of the artist and the history of his life and career.

It also contains a discussion of how he sees his art and music and how his career has shaped his worldview.

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