Which pianist is a dame, and who is a man?

The question of what to call the Duchess of Cambridge is a sensitive one.

A year ago, the royal family announced a new name for the Duchess, after her father Prince Philip announced his retirement, and she had a name change.

But this is a change in tone from the way the royal couple have behaved, and a new nickname has been floated.

The Duchess of Sussex is now named Duchess of York.

The new name is not yet officially approved, but it is expected to be approved in the near future, and is being proposed by a member of the Royal Family.

“We are going to have a new Duchess of Kent, who is not the Queen’s wife but will be called Duchess of Hampshire,” the Duke of York said last week.

There has been some controversy about the new name, as the Duchess has been known as Lady Duke, Duchess of Gloucester and Duchess of Cornwall.

The Queen has already said she would prefer a name with a bit of dignity, and not a name that is a little bit too much.

The Duke of Gloucestershire, Duke of Somerset and Duke of Cornwall are all well known as dukes of Cornwall, and it is not unusual for their names to be changed after a period of royal mourning.

The Dukes of Sussex and York have all been called Duke of Sussex. 

The Duchess of Edinburgh is not a woman, but a woman’s name is the title of the Duke and Duchess’ eldest daughter, who was born on April 3, 1953.

She was also named after her mother, the Duchess Margaret.

The title of Duke and Princess was chosen because it was thought to be the closest approximation to the title that the Duke, Prince Philip and Duchess Louise of Kent used in the 18th century, when they were known as the Duke And Duchess of Suffolk.

The duchess of York was a girl when she was named Princess Elizabeth. 

For the Duchess to change her name, the new Duke of Hampshire and Duchess Mary would have to approve it, and the new Duchess would have two options: keep the old name and be named after the Duke or renounce it.

The Prince and Duchess have also been known to have nicknames for each other, but they are not common enough to have to change them every time the two women marry. 

While it may be difficult for the Queen and Duke to accept a new surname, it is easier for the Duke to do so if he or she has been a duke or marquis in a different country.

Prince Philip, Duke William and Prince Harry have all used the title Duke of Buckinghamshire, a name given to the Duke by the Prince of Wales in 1954.

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