How to choose the right blind jazz piano: How to find the right pianist

Blind jazz pianists can be a tough sell to the public, especially when you’re just getting into the art.

But if you’re a newbie to the music, you’ll want to know the pros and cons before picking the right musician for you.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best blind jazz performers out there.


Jurek The Pianist is a young pianist from Poland who has been performing for several years.

Born and raised in Poland, he has a passion for music, and in 2018, he became the first blind jazz performer to earn a scholarship from the U.S. National Academy of Music.

After graduating, he moved to New York City and has since performed on Broadway, at the Academy, and on stage.

He performs at Carnegie Hall and the Met.

He’s also featured in numerous festivals around the world, including a major solo show at Carnegie.

Jurek has earned several awards, including Best Performance by a Blind Jazz Piano in 2017 at the 2018 Chicago Jazz Festival.


Bryce Tapper is a Chicago-based jazz pianistic and composer.

Tapper began his career as a blind pianist at age 14 and has continued to hone his skills throughout his life.

Since 2009, Tapper has toured extensively, performing across the country and internationally, and has appeared on television shows including “America’s Got Talent” and “Top Chef.”

Tapper also plays piano in several bands.


Dane Davis has been playing music professionally since 1995, but in the last two years he has been traveling and performing with musicians in and around Chicago.

Davis has toured in the U-S.

with his band, The Jules, as well as the UGX Festival in the United Kingdom.

He also is a founding member of the Chicago-born jazz band, Pigeons & Planes.

Davis is currently on tour in Europe, and he will perform in Chicago in May 2018.


Benny Wiese is a German blind pianistic pianist and composer who has performed at a number of jazz festivals around Europe.

Wieser’s work is often described as being of a “German-style of the piano,” but it is in fact an international, American tradition.

He is currently performing with the jazz band The Jule in New York and performs in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Norway.

He recently released his second album, “Lonely,” and is also working on the solo album.


Brett Davenport is a musician and musician’s pianist who has spent the last 20 years touring internationally.

He has also performed at the Chicago Jazz Club and Chicago International Jazz Festival as well.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from the University of Chicago in 2018 and received a Master of Arts from the New York Conservatory of Music in 2017.


Michael Hartsman has been a certified blind jazz guitarist since 2004.

He first performed with The Jugs, the jazz-inspired quartet that he formed in his youth.

His solo work with jazz-influenced bands like the Roxy Music and the New Orleans Jazz Festival has been noted for its strong and diverse vocal range.

He joined The Jugband in 2018.

He currently works as a solo musician and a jazz pianestro.


Jaehee Lee has been the lead singer of The JUGband since 2009.

She has been touring extensively and has toured with the Chicago jazz band as well, performing at the New Year’s Eve concert, Chicago Jazzfest, and festivals across the U.-S.


Jill Leckie is a jazz pianoist and pianist with the band The Jellyfish.

She is currently the lead vocalist of the group and the lead guitarist for The Jellybug.

She received her bachelor of arts in music education from the Chicago Conservatory in 2018 as well an undergraduate degree in piano and a Master’s degree in music from Columbia University.


Michael F. Fassone is a certified and certified blind saxophone player, who has played on the National and Chicago jazz orchestras, as the lead soloist for the jazz pianos The JellyFish and the Jugs.

He began playing in the early 1990s as a jazz soloist and has been active in the jazz scene for more than 20 years.


Fassone has performed with jazz piano The Jelly Fish and has performed in the Chicago area and abroad.

He toured extensively with The Jellybugs in the past.


Rachael M. is a pianist whose performances are based in Chicago and her music has been featured on the Chicago radio stations WGN-FM and WGNX.

She recently performed in New Orleans with her jazz band the JugBand.


Dana Vespoli is a

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