What’s the most expensive concert pianist in India?

By Andrew MottrieA couple of years ago, David Shine became one of India’s most sought after pianists.

He had been a teacher in the United States for over a decade, and had performed with some of the country’s biggest names.

He now works as an instructor at an Indian school in California.

Shine, who was born in New York, has performed for musicians including Ravi Shankar and Suresh Dutta.

He’s also written several songs for the Indian film “Arahat”.

Shine says he’s been making more money than ever before in India.

“I am now making about $300,000, which is twice what I was making before I left the US,” he says.

“So it’s definitely a very exciting time for me, it’s really nice.”

He says that he’s making more than the average American pianist.

“When I came to India, my average salary was $150,000.

Now, it is $300-400,000,” he adds.

Shine, who is the son of Indian immigrants, has spent the last three years in Los Angeles, studying with the likes of M.I.

A, the Kinks, Stevie Wonder and Ravi.

He says he’d like to get back to his roots and work with the Indian community.

“There are still a lot of things that need to be done, and I’d like the community to be part of that, to support me,” he said.

Shines parents were both Indian immigrants.

“They had a strong Indian heritage and a strong musical background,” he explains.

“And I am very fortunate to be able to do what I do with them.

I hope that it can be a good career and that I can be in the Indian music scene.”

Shine’s mother, Sangeeta, is also from India and works in the entertainment industry.

She’s also a teacher and a writer.

She says she was inspired by Shine when she first heard of his talent.

“The more I saw him, the more I fell in love with him,” she says.

“He was a brilliant teacher, he was a great pianist and a great musician.

And he was very humble.

He never complained, and he was never trying to be a superstar.”

Sangeeta is also working on a book about Shine, which she hopes to launch next year.

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