When pianist David Goldberger was forced to retire from the German music scene, his legacy was already at stake

David Goldenberg, who once played with pianist Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is one of the most recognisable figures in German music, with his trademark licks and his unique style of playing.

Now, he is a pianist who has lost a significant part of his identity, after being forced to quit the German orchestra scene after a decade in the profession.

He will never be able to return to the piano for the first time.

Goldenberg’s career was marked by a dramatic transformation as he turned from a gifted pianist to an amateur composer, with many of his contemporaries describing him as an artist.

But that is no longer the case.

Now he is on the verge of retirement, his career in the music industry on the brink of disaster.

He has been in a long-term relationship with German music director Anna Wurz and he has a two-year-old son, Daniel.

Goldberg has never been shy about sharing his feelings about the music world and how it has changed in recent years.

He told the BBC that he had never really wanted to play music again.

I have never wanted to do it again.

But when I started playing music again I realised that it was not only me that needed to change, but the world.

I could never see the world in a negative way again.

When I was forced out of the orchestra I had to find something else to do.

I thought about what to do and when I found something that was my passion, I decided to make a career of it.

I wanted to become an artist and play the world’s greatest music.

I felt that I had a certain way of playing that was unique.

I tried to write music that would give a message and be interesting to the listeners.

I also tried to express my emotions and feelings through my music.

But my life was always focused on my career.

When it came to my retirement I wanted my family to know that I have been thinking of them and of my children.

It was not about the money or the fame, I just wanted to be able.

But after I got back, I realised I had nothing.

I needed to take some time to reflect on what I had lost, and then I realized that the music was no longer important to me.

I lost a part of my identity and I realised there was no point in playing it anymore.

In my retirement, I will always be a pianoforte, and I am sure that I will continue to play.

It is something I would like to play again, but for now, I am playing a solo piano.

I know that the world has changed since I left the orchestra, but I still love playing music.

And I am happy to be doing it for my grandchildren.

When you see the pianoforts in the German opera houses or the Berlin Opera, the audience is always very respectful of the musicians who have given their life for the art of music.

This is a part that they respect and admire.

Now I want to play a solo.

This will give me something to be proud of and will make me realise that I did something good.

I feel that my family will respect me and will never judge me because I have always been a good father and a good husband.

As soon as I realised my own limitations and that I needed a change, I took a job in the construction industry and I was fortunate enough to find a good position that allowed me to take part in the orchestra.

It’s not a job that has any expectation from me.

But it will also give me the opportunity to play with my grandchildren in the opera houses.

I hope that they will be able not only to appreciate and love my music, but also to respect and be impressed by my music and my skills.

As for the future, I want them to know about the people who are doing important things in our country.

And as for the children who are now going to be watching me play, I can tell them that I hope they will learn something from my music that they can share with their parents and grandparents.

It will make a positive difference.

And that’s the reason why I want the people to know how important I am to them and to continue to give their lives to the music.

– by Joachim Lüderschmidt, BBC German music correspondent

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