When you’re a pianist and a musician, you get along beautifully

pianist Levit and pianist heess both had to adjust to the sudden change of the musical landscape, and both of them are thrilled to have a new song together on their upcoming album, A Little Light on the Water.

A Little Dark: The Musical tells the story of how they discovered each other through the song “I Wish,” which they recorded together in their apartment while they were both on tour.

They are currently touring the U.S. and Canada with the new song, which is scheduled to hit stores in the spring.

They shared the story about their musical chemistry with Billboard:When we were first starting to write songs, I was writing with this idea of, what’s the story that you can tell about a person who has no musical experience?

I had this idea that the most interesting thing I could tell about this person was how they had a piano and they would play it for them.

I think that’s a really interesting way to tell that story, and that was a really cool feeling for me to write.

When I started to write the song, I wrote the story, then the story became a part of me.

And the story was a story about this amazing person, but it wasn’t about the person.

It was about the experience.

It became my story, it was about what we were doing, it became my journey, it just became part of my life.

It’s about our friendship, it’s about the musical journey that we have together, and it’s very much about us.

Levit says that, for him, writing a new track with Levit on it was like being on a quest: I wanted to find a way to express what he meant to me, what he felt like in my voice, what I wanted him to tell me.

He says that it took them about three weeks to compose the song.

He and hess wrote the song during the tour, when Levit was still touring with his band, the Champs de France, and they were not touring in support of their record.

“When we started the tour we were just on tour and there was just no time to write,” Levit said.

“We were just doing our own thing and trying to make it work.”

Levit’s song “A Little Dark” was recorded in their apartments.

“It was so hard for us to write a song for him,” he said.

When they finally got to write it, the song had a new life in their lives.

“A lot of people would think that when we were writing it, it would just sound like a song about this friend that we’re always going to be able to relate to and talk to, but when we put it on stage, it really felt like he had his own story, a very personal story,” Levits said.

He added that they’ve gotten to hear the song on tour at festivals around the world, and even had fans send them photos of themselves with the piano.

“I have been so blessed by all the love that I have received from people around the globe,” he added.

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