La pianista soundtrack,the pianoist soundtrack

By Arielle SohnA pianist has been credited with the soundtrack to the movie “Jazz at the Zoo,” in which the pianist plays the part of the zoo keeper in a scene in which a chimpanzee is being led by a trainer.

The pianist is identified by the movie’s producer, who told CNN in a statement that the composer “gave the score to the director.”

The producer said that the director was “thrilled to be able to bring the score back to life.”

The director, who has not been named, has said that he was “surprised and delighted” to get the work.

A video showing the scene has since gone viral.

The film was directed by director Jon Favreau and stars Michael Keaton, Seth Rogen and James Franco.

The song is by Brazilian pianist Antonio Carlos Jobim, whose albums include the music to “Dante’s Inferno,” the music for “The Great Escape” and “Gardenia.”

It is not the first time that “Jaws” has been cited as a musical inspiration.

In 2002, a clip from the film appeared on the web.

In 2014, a song by the band “The Wombats” was also used as a music cue.

A spokesman for the producer said the composer was “very pleased” to have “one of the most celebrated songs in the history of film and music to return to the big screen.”

He did not provide any further details about the score.

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