How to make a ‘romantic’ book with your wife

The best-selling author of the bestselling memoir about his love of jazz has told Vice News that he can’t get a publisher for his upcoming book because his wife is a musician.

Paul Smith, the son of famed jazz pianists and the founder of the Smith-Hutchinson Jazz Institute in San Francisco, wrote a memoir titled, You Can’t Make Me Romantic, published by HarperCollins in May.

Smith-Hinson’s book, titled You Can Never Make Me, is being published by Penguin Random House.

He also published the memoirs The Man Who Made Music and How to Make Music.

Smith-Hall is married to jazz saxophonist-singer-songwriter Jennifer Smith-Hunter, who has two young sons.

Smith’s wife, who is also a musician, plays in a jazz band called The Fingers.

Smith said his wife’s music interests and passion for music was always there.

He said that it’s never been an issue, but it was the first time he had to deal with that.

Smith told Vice that he’s still not sure if his wife will be performing live.

But he said she has a passion for the music.

He described the experience of performing live as an amazing experience.

“It’s so much more emotional than anything else I’ve ever done, and that’s something that I can’t ever have with my wife,” Smith said.

“When you are able to perform live, it’s a huge change in your life.

You know, you feel like you are on the stage, you are just like, ‘I can do anything I want, and I’m not worried about anything.

This is all just amazing.'”

Smith said he had a lot of fun performing live, but he had no plans to tour.

He said that he has a lot more plans for his life, including the publication of his next book, a memoir about jazz saxophoneist, trumpeter, and musician.

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