When Emily Monaco Pianist Edith Monaco died, her family gave a heartfelt tribute to the pianist with a touching eulogy.

When Emily Monroe Monaco passed away on January 10, 2018, her husband Edith, daughter Lisa, and three of their five children were among those who gathered at a public memorial service at the Balfour Chapel in Melbourne, Australia.

In an eulogistic speech, Emily’s family expressed the grief and sadness they felt at the passing of their beloved daughter.

“We are all so grateful that Emily Monafon passed away peacefully, surrounded by family, friends, and colleagues,” Emily’s brother Chris said in the speech.

“She was a wonderful, sweet and caring person who had a profound influence on all of us.

I want to thank all of our friends and colleagues at ABC Radio Melbourne for giving us the opportunity to make this eulogue public.”

Monafons obituary is posted online, but it’s a poignant one that includes the words “a beautiful, talented and talented young woman.”

“Emily loved music and art and her passion was music,” Lisa Monafonic said in her eulgy.

“Her music, her style, and her vision and passion for the arts were what we saw as being her calling.”

The Monafonies also paid tribute to their “family and friends,” who are mourning the loss of their dear friend.

“Emily Monafony will be missed by everyone, including her children and her loving husband,” Lisa said in a statement.

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For Emily, this is the hardest time in her life and we will miss her with our whole hearts.”

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