‘I’ve just finished my fifth album’: Alexis Gomez sings about her childhood and love for the piano

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, my mother would take me to her house every weekend for a piano lesson.

That’s how much of an art-lover I was.

My dad was a musician and I was obsessed with music.

But the piano was also a major part of my upbringing, and I wanted to learn it as soon as possible.

So when I started singing in high school, I knew immediately that I wanted it as a career.

But I didn’t have much experience playing the piano and I didn`t have much training either.

That`s where my friend and colleague Gilda Roberts came in.

She was my mentor at the time and she introduced me to the piano as a tool to help me express myself.

I began working with her and we started recording our first piano lessons together.

I was like, ‘OK, I know how to play this piano, so I want to learn how to do this.’

“I started practicing in my own time, but eventually I started working on albums as well.

I started playing more live music and I started going to concerts, which helped me a lot.

I got to see a lot of new things and I became a much more confident performer.

In 2017, I released my fifth studio album, Pianotexture, and that`s how I started recording my own music.

I also started performing at my own shows and performing with other musicians and it`s all coming together now.

Now I want people to hear me, to see what I can do and how I feel, and it sounds like this album has been a huge help for me.

I`m excited to share it with you.

In a way, this is my first solo album.

It has a lot to do with the fact that I don`t know anything about the piano, but I did feel it was important to create something for people to enjoy.

I wanted this to be a very personal album, so it felt like it needed to be very honest and honest about everything that happened with me growing up.

It also had to be about what I want for my future, because I want this album to be for myself and I want it to be something that I can look back on and say, ‘This was what I had to go through, and this is what I wanted for myself when I went through it.’

It`s something I`ve wanted to make for a long time, and now I`re finally at the point where I can start to make that happen.

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