Which American composer has the greatest impact on the world?

In the last few years, a number of American musicians have made major contributions to the world of music.

Among them is pianist and pianist Andrew Zimmermann.

He has become one of the world’s most recognizable and well-known composers.

Zimmermann was born in the German city of Cologne, Germany in 1912.

His father, Ludwig, was a pianist who studied under the masters of Beethoven, Mozart, and Schubert.

Zummermann’s first recording was a string quartet in 1909, and he went on to record three solo pieces, all with the same composer, Alfred Holst.

The first piece, called “Das Kapital,” was released in 1911.

A year later, Zimmermann’s second composition, “Der Gegenwart” was released.

The following year, Zimmerman recorded a third piece, “Piano Concerto No. 3,” with the first conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic, Johannes Brahms.

The third piece was entitled “Crosseyed,” and it appeared in 1924.

It was also a major hit in Europe.

Zimmers first major solo work, “Die Schönheit,” was published in 1926, and it won the Prix de la Concertique in Paris.

The work featured the sound of the violin and viola, and Zimmermann used the instrument in two different contexts.

His first solo work featured a piano in the center of a chamber, while the second featured a small violin in the middle of a room.

In the third piece he used a cello and a small bass in the back of a chair.

Zermatten’s “Percussion for Strings,” which appeared in 1926 and is now considered his masterpiece, features an orchestra playing two or three notes simultaneously, a flute, and a piano.

In 1931, Zimmermermann was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for the work.

The winner of the prize was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Zermattens music has been played by countless people throughout history, from the Queen of Spain to the composer Franz Liszt.

His music has inspired generations of composers and musicians.

In the last decade, Zimmerler has released several solo albums, and in 2017 he premiered his new album “Virgina in a New Age” in New York City.

He also has an upcoming concert at the Carnegie Hall in June.

Zetterman has also been a vocal supporter of the United Nations and the United States in the last several years.

In April, Zimmermans first concert of the year was at Carnegie Hall.

He received the American Humanist Association’s Medal of Freedom in June for his “commitment to freedom and equality in all its forms.”

Zimmerman also wrote a book in honor of Nelson Mandela, “A Life of Freedom,” which will be released on June 30.

He is also working on a film about Mandela.

Zurman’s music has influenced generations of musicians and composers, including the pianist David Haydn, pianist Robert Rauschenberg, violinist Tchaikovsky, and the pianists Max Mosley and John Cage.

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