Ariel deChosa, pianist: ‘I’m the only woman in the orchestra’

Ariel DeChosa is a pianist who has never been a professional musician, and she’s been a bit of a mystery.

Until recently.

In the first season of the Netflix series, DeChos’ life was filled with the sounds of the orchestra.

She performed in two concert halls in New York, and was a guest at the Academy Awards and the Grammy Awards.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Dechos said she started playing piano when she was 10 years old.

The piano was her introduction to the art form.

DeChos has performed in many concerts, and says she enjoys performing for as many people as possible.

She recently had a concert at the White House, and in February she will be a featured guest at a New York City restaurant for a fundraiser.

In an interview with NPR, DeSota said she has never had a formal job, and it was important for her to find something that was rewarding, that she could be involved in.

DeSota is a member of the New York Symphony Orchestra, and her performances have been instrumental in making the orchestra a more accessible and accessible place to hear music.

Her concert performances, she said, were a way to bring people together.

“It’s not just about the music.

It’s about the people,” she said.

De Sota has made it her mission to give back to the orchestra and its members, and on her website she lists goals that she hopes to achieve in the future.

“One of those goals is to make sure that the orchestra gets to a point where it’s no longer a boys club,” she told NPR.

The New York Times says DeSosa is also passionate about science, and is a frequent collaborator with scientists at NASA and the University of California, Berkeley.

In addition to her career as a musician, De Sota also plays the trumpet.

She said she enjoys doing this work because it’s not something that is expected from her, and because it brings her back to her roots in New Mexico, where she has played since she was 6 years old, when she first discovered the instrument.

De Chos says she was surprised to hear that people had such an interest in her music.

“I don’t really think that there was any reason for it,” she explained.

“Because I’m a musician and I do music for the orchestra, I felt like that was something I needed to do to support the orchestra as a whole.”

De Chosa has performed with many musicians in the past, and said her passion is music.

She says she’s a big fan of opera and ballet, and that she loves the idea of being able to take music and make it into something that you can dance to.

“DeChosa said that in the current climate of climate change, her music and her work have become a way for people to reach out to one another, and share ideas, memories, and hopes.

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