Woman performs with her own guitar at Melbourne opera festival

Melbourne’s opera house has welcomed a female singer to the stage for the first time, after she sang a rendition of the “Tina Turner Overture” at the Victoria Opera Festival.

The Victoria Opera Hall said the performance of “The Woman of the Night” was the first since the death of Tina Turner, who died on August 6, 1962, at the age of 49.

Ms Turner was one of the greatest female vocalists of her generation, playing a wide range of roles, including the piano and cello, in her lifetime.

She also recorded music with the National Symphony Orchestra.

The “Woman of the Day” concert is being hosted by the Opera House’s theatre department, which had arranged for a live performance of the song to take place in the hall’s hall of fame, as part of a celebration of her life.

“The opera house is proud to welcome the wonderful actress and pianist Nina Gebhardt,” a spokeswoman for the Victorian Opera said.

“She performed ‘The Woman Of The Night’ on her first full performance in Victoria in 2018.”

This will be a celebration for her life, and her career, as a performer, pianist and composer.

“It is important to remember that the greatest of our artists was once a woman, and that Nina Gevhardt was a true pioneer.”

The show, titled The Woman Of the Night, was performed by the Victoria Orchestra, a department of the Victoria University of Wellington.

The opera hall’s production of “Aida” was originally scheduled to take the stage at the Melbourne International Opera Festival in 2018, but was later cancelled.

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